"Take-Out is the new Dining Out" What's that mean?

Basically, takeout or food delivery are good alternatives to going out to eat. We understand you want to be safe during these trying times and physical distancing may not work in all places. We thank you for choosing us for take-out and/or taking advantage of our free delivery. Please stay safe!

Thank you! Joe & Ana

Is FREE DELIVERY really FREE? With us it is!




Se ha hablado mucho sobre algunos nuevos servicios de entrega que ahora están en San Miguel y que es GRATUITO, pero lo es realmente? Si ha sido cliente nuestro, claramente no está buscando una pizza de tenga que ahogarse con algún tipo de salsa o salsa de tomate para que sea comestible. Nos enorgullecemos de ofrecer los mejores ingredientes de calidad para nuestras pizzas y platos italianos calientes. Trabajamos duro para proporcionar entradas a precios accesibles, preparados diariamente en un ambiente súper limpio. Además, tiene un sabor fantástico tal como lo preparamos, listo para comer!
Debe tener en cuenta que algunos lugares aumentan su precio regular para que los gastos de envío se absorban en el costo total de la comida. Por favor no se deje engañar con este tipo de "servicio" de entrega. 

Es por eso que comenzamos Enero 15 nuestra nueva promoción, ahora entregaremos dentro de San Miguel de Allende pedidos de más de 300 pesos sin cargo adicional por la entrega☆.

 Nuestro precio es el mismo ya sea que lo recoja o se lo entreguen, no hay diferencia si paga en efectivo, débito o crédito. ¿Por qué? Porque esa es la manera correcta de hacer negocios y construir relaciones con los clientes.
No somos la pizza más barata de la ciudad y no nos disculpamos por eso. Lo que ofrecemos cuesta un poco más por la calidad y cantidad. Le agradecemos por elegirnos para su almuerzo o cena durante los últimos mas 2 años y esperamos que continúe siendo nuestro valioso cliente en 2020.
Tus amigos en PIZZAGUY - Joe & Ana 

☆No es válido con otras ofertas especiales u ofertas, se aplican algunas restricciones. Llama para ver si calificas.




There has been a lot of talk about some new delivery services that are now in San Miguel and that it's FREE, but is it really? If you've been a customer of ours you're clearly not looking for a pizza that has to be drowned with some kind of sauce or ketchup to be edible. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality ingredients for our pizzas and hot Italian dishes. We work hard to provide our entrees at affordable prices, prepared fresh daily in a super clean environment. Plus it tastes fantastic just the way we prepare it, ready to eat! 

You should be aware that some places increase their regular price so that the delivery charge is absorbed in to the total cost of the meal. People please do not be fooled with this type of delivery "service". This is why on January 15th we started our new promotion, now we will deliver within San Miguel de Allende orders over 300 pesos at no extra charge for delivery☆.

Our price is the same whether you pick it up or have it delivered - no difference if you pay cash, debit or credit. Why? Because that's the right way to do business and build relationships with customers. 

We are not the cheapest pizza in town and we don't apologize for that. What we provide cost a little more because of quality and quantity. We thank you for choosing us for your lunch or dinner for over the past 2 years and we hope you continue to be our valued customer in 2020.

Your Friends at PIZZAGUY - Joe & Ana

☆Not good with any other specials or offers some restrictions apply.  Call to see if you qualify. 

Menu y Volante/Oferta - Menu for Downloading

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Love NY Style Pizza

What is NY Style Pizza?

 What is NY Style Pizza? It's more a state of mind than a style. What we have been able to re-create in San Miguel De Allende is  pizza that takes you back to a moment in time. Maybe when you were a kid and had a slice in one of the boroughs of NY. Then again maybe not and are just looking for a great tasting pizza! Thin crust but not like a cracker. Foldable, so that you can eat it with one hand and not fall apart. Doesn't have to have a ton ingredients just enough to make it perfect for your liking. Definitely not smothered with ketchup or hot sauce, it holds plenty of flavor all on it's own. ENJOY! 

What are you paying for?

High quality ingredients, LARGE PORTIONS, clean prep environment and fast loving service. 

Price you see is the price you pay.

Our prices include IVA and are the same whether you use cash, debit or credit. Tips are optional and never included in price regardless of party size or mess :-)

Sobre Nosotros (About Us)


Con Mas de 45 Años de Experiencia en Pizza

Traemos La Auténtica New York Neapolitan & Sicilian Pizza Estilo a San Miguel de Allende

Con Mas de 45 Años de Experiencia en Pizza


Ven a visitarnos! Come visit us!

Traemos La Auténtica New York Neapolitan & Sicilian Pizza Estilo a San Miguel de Allende

Con Mas de 45 Años de Experiencia en Pizza


Traemos La Auténtica New York Neapolitan & Sicilian Pizza Estilo a San Miguel de Allende

Traemos La Auténtica New York Neapolitan & Sicilian Pizza Estilo a San Miguel de Allende

Traemos La Auténtica New York Neapolitan & Sicilian Pizza Estilo a San Miguel de Allende

Ven a Visitarnos/Come Visit Us

Eat in/Take-Out(FREE PARKING literally only a 2 feet from front door) / Delivery 12:30 to 8:30

 Eat in/Take-Out & Delivery All Day. Deliveries generally take 45 minutes to arrive fou're starving to order, plan ahead ;-)  & be sure you know your address, phone # and colonial. Remember always  *FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS 300 pesos OR GREATER WITHIN 5km OF PIZZAGUY (greater than 5km discount, on purchases 300 pesos or greater)  200 peso min. 


Libramiento José Manuel Zavala 12, Ejido de Tirado, 37738 San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Teléfono: 415 110 2153 ------- Email:

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Miercoles(Wed) a (through) Domingo(Sun)

12pm - 9pm

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Drop us a line! But no orders please and thank you. We'll get back to you as quick as we but usually with the next 2 business days.

Closed  Mondays and Tuesdays 

Closed for Vacation March 18th - March 22nd

Re-Open Wednesday March 24th.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Libramiento Jose Manuel Zavala #12, 37738 San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Our Phone Number 01-415-110-2153